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>> Introduction
This District was located at the south of the South Gate of Fucheng, formerly known as the South Suburban Area, and the villages and neighborhoods covered in the administrative jurisdiction include Xialin, Shuijiaoshe, Dalin, Yancheng, Kunni, Xishu and Wanli. Geography: The District borders the East District and Rende Township of Tainan County on the east, Erren River and Qieding Township of Kaohsiung County on the south, Taiwan Strait on the west, and Central District and West District on the north, and is named as South District as it is located at the south of Tainan City.
Administrative district
※Occupied area of land: 28.0383 square kilometers
※Population: Male – 64,355, Female – 63,360, totaling 127,715, 41,840 households (until the end of February 2008)
※Administrative jurisdiction: 39 villages, 843 neighborhoods

Zhuxi Village, Nanhua Village, Lizhai Village, Mingde Village, Dacheng Village, Guangzhou Village,Xinchang Village, Xinxing Villiage, Tianliao Village, Guozhai Village, Rixin Village, Guangming Village, Baixue Village, Mingliang Village, Xidong Village, Xibei Village, Xinan Village, Shenggong Village, Xingnong Village, Tongan Village, Fotan Village, Dalin Village, Dazhong Village, Daen Village, Xinsheng Village, Zaixing Village, Mingxing Village, Wenhua Village, Jinhua Village, Nandou Village, Kainan Village, Zhangnan Village, Jiannan Village, Junnan Village, Funan Village, Wennan Village, Kunni Village, Songan Village, Yongning Village
District Office
The District Office consists of the four units including a Civil Affairs Section, Economic Development Section, Military Service Section and Social Affairs Section, in addition to Accounting Office and personnel officers.

※Tel. No.: (06)265-3894, (06)291-0126, Ext. 210
※Address: No.2, Mingxing Rd., South Dist., Tainan City 702, Taiwan
※ Supervisor: Chu,Tung

Natural resources
Rice, vegetables, watermelons, sweet potatoes, Water Spinach seeds, white sugar cane, corn
Festival celebration
The various temples will hold the celebration or ceremony depending on birthdays of the temple gods or Taoist rituals.
Scenic views
Golden Coast Open Area: Located at the south of this District and bordering Taiwan Strait, tourists may watch the sunset and people crowd in on the weekends and holidays

Mangrove Wetland: Located at Kunni Village, and the species of
Lumnitzera racemosa
Presence of Antique Buildings
※Zhuxi Temple: Built in 22nd year of Kang-Xi Period of Ching Dynasty (i.e. 1683 A.D.), a 2nd-grade historical site
Tomb of Tseng Chen-yang: Located inside the Nanshan Cemetery, a 3rd-grade historical site
Tomb of Koxinga’s Second Son: Located at the farmland on the west to the airport, a 3rd-grade historical site
Address: No.2, Mingsing Rd., South District, Tainan City 702, Taiwan   Tel: 886-6-291-0126