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This District is located at the southwest side of the City, connecting with East District and Rende Township of Tainan County on the east at Datong Road, Sec. 2, and bordering the Taiwan Strait on the west, Central District and West District on the north at Jiankang Road, Sec. 1, Ximen Road and Yonghua Road, and the Erren River on the south, opposite to Hunei Township and Qieding Township of Kaohsiung County. As it is located at the south of the City, it is named South District.

After the Taiwan’s Restoration in 1945, this District was formed upon consolidation of the Zhaoho District governed by the Japanese Government at the end of Japanese Colonial Period and Qingbin District and Wanli District. This District is divided into 34 villages and 375 neighborhoods. Due to the increasing population, there have been 38 villages until 1976. In 1979 when Anping Harbor was completed, Yuguang Village was consolidated into the jurisdiction of Anping District as it was located at the north coast of Anping Harbor.

In April 1982, the village administrative district was re-divided and Shengqian, Nanjiao, Danan, Wufei, Kunsha, Xiaoxi, Xiancao, Shiqiao (in part), and Dacheng (in part) were consolidated into the jurisdiction of Central District, and the four villages, Xinsheng, Dalin, Dazhong and Daen, formerly under the jurisdiction of the East District were consolidated into the jurisdiction of this District.

In February 2002, the village administrative district was re-adjusted, and Qingquan and Longgang were onsolidated to be Kunni Village, Songshan and Nanshan into Songan Village, Zhonghe, Juexin and Haifeng into Yongning Village, and Nandu divided into Nandu and Nanhua Villages, totaling 40 villages and 862 neighborhoods.

In February 2006, Shuijiaoshe (Xingzhong Village, Mingde Village and Lizhai Village) were adjusted. Xingzhong Village was consolidated into Mingde Village, and 17 neighborhoods were cut accordingly, Meanwhile, 9 neighborhoods were cut in Lizhai Village. Therefore, there are a total of 39 villages and 843 neighborhoods in the jurisdiction of this District then.
Address: No.2, Mingsing Rd., South District, Tainan City 702, Taiwan   Tel: 886-6-291-0126