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    South district was originally located on the south of Fucheng gate and was called the southern suburb in ancient times. The administrative area was serveral parts, there are Xialin, Shuijiaoshe, Dalin, Yancheng, Sihun, Xishu and Wanli. The geographical location: It is bounded by East District and Rende District in the east, Cieding District in Kaohsiung City in the south, Taiwan Strait in the west, and Central and Western District in the north. Because it is located in the south of Tainan City, it is named South District.

【Administrative regions】
Land area: 27.2681 square kilometers.
Population: See About the Southern District/Demographics for details.
Administrative regions: There are 37 Villages with 624 Neighborhoods.
Zhuxi Village, Nanhua Village, Mingli Village, Dacheng Village, Guangzhou Village, Xinchang Village, Xinxing Village, Tianliao Village, Guozhai Village, Guangming Village, Yancheng Village, Mingliang Village, Xidong Village, Xibei Village, Xinan Village, Shenggong Village, Xingnong Village, Tong'an Village, Fotan Village, Dalin Village, Dazhong Village, Da'enli Village, Xinsheng Village, Zaixing Village, Mingxing Village, Wenhua Village, Jinhua Village, Nandu Village, Kainan Village, Zhangnan Village, Jiannan Village, Junnan Village, Funan Village Wennan Village, Kunsha Village, Song'an Village, and Yongning Village.

【District Office】
In South District office, we have a supervisor, a chief secretary, and five sections including civil Affairs section, economic development section, general affairs section, humanities section, and social affairs section. Besides, we also have accounting office, personnel office and civil service ethic office.
※Tel: (06)291-0126.
※Address: No. 2, Mingxing Road, South District, Tainan City. 
※Supervisor: Xiao Xiuhua.

【Product resources】
rice, vegetables, watermelon, sweet potato, water spinach seeds, white sugar cane, edible corn.

【Elite Scenic Spots】
※ Golden Coast Recreation Area: It is in the south of South District, and on the verge of the Taiwan Strait, you can enjoy the sunset and There will be many people on holidays.
※Mangrove Wetland:Located in Kunsha Village, it is a unique species of olive plum.