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    South District is located at the southwest of Tainan city. The second section of Datong Road connects the East District and Rende District to the east site, the Taiwan Strait to the west, the first section of Jiankang Road, the first section of Ximen Road, and the first section of Yonghua Road to the north and the Central and Western District respectively. With Erren River as the city boundary, across from Hunei District and Cieding District of Kaohsiung City, it is named South District because it is located at the southern end of Tainan city. The District Administration Building is located at the second section of Zhonghua South Road, the first section of Jinhua Road, the intersection of Mingxing Road and Nanhe Road.
    Traffic information: Bus No. 1.
    After World War II, South District was formed by the merger of the Southern District, Qingbin District, and Zhenbin District in the end Japanese colonial period. The entire district was divided into 34 villages, 375 neighborhoods. Due to the gradual increase in population, it reached 38 villages in 1976. In the 1979, Anping Port was built, and Yuguang village was placed under the jurisdiction of Anping District due to its location on the north bank of Anping Port.
   In April 1982, the administrative division of the district was re-divided, and Shengqian, Nanjiao, Danan, Wufei, Kunsha, Xiaoxi, Xiancao, Shiqiao (part), Dacheng (part), etc. The district, which originally belonged to the East District, was divided into Xinsheng, Dalin, Dazhong, and Daen.
     In February 2002, the administrative area was adjusted again. Qingquan and Longgang were merged into Kunsha village, Songshan and Nanshan were combined into Songan village, Zhonghe, Juxing, and Haifeng into Yongning village, and Nandu was adjusted into Nandu village and Nanhua village. There were 40 villages with 862 neighborhoods.
     In February 2006, Shuijiaoshe (Xingzhongli, Mingdeli, Lizhaili) adjusted the 3 villages. Xingzhongli and Mingdeli merged into Mingde village, reducing 17 neighborhoods, and Lizhai village reduced 9 neighborhoods. There were 39 villages with 845 neighborhoods.
    On January 29, 2018, in the first stage of neighborhood adjustment, Dacheng village and Lizhai village were merged into Dacheng village. After the adjustment, the whole district was divided into 38 villages with  neighborhoods.
   On April 30,2018, the second phase of neighborhood adjustment, Rixin village and Baixue village were merged and reorganized into Yancheng village. After the adjustment, the whole district has a total jurisdiction of 37 villages, with 624 neighborhoods.